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It's not convenient, but it's an authentic item. Or something like the basis for wearing clothes. Reconsidering these points was one of the major purposes in constructing the 22SS collection.

In a world where formal wear is no longer necessary, neatly pressed slacks may be replaced by sweatpants. Instead of wearing a jacket, you might want to wear a more comfortable hoodie or even a cardigan. Still, even if it was inconvenient, I wanted to ask questions about putting sleeves through a jacket and other items that form the basics of dressing. ULTERIOR's clothes always want to make the wearer think.

This collection features jackets and shirts inspired by European workwear.

They are, after all, workers' uniforms. These are clothes that are worn for a purpose, not for the purpose of dressing up. Based on these meaningful clothes, we use materials like Japanese sashiko that make use of French-derived navy, checks reminiscent of the roofs and tatami mats of old Japanese houses, and khadi with distorted striped patterns. , by adding texture that can be felt by the eyes and skin, giving it another perspective.