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When we see notifications about application updates coming in regularly, we almost automatically follow the instructions to update our devices. These tools, which are supposed to be useful, often turn out to be unexpectedly difficult to use. Convenience doesn't solve everything. There are many inconveniences for us humans due to convenience. The reverse is also true; we must remember that inconvenience can have a greater or lesser effect on creativity, and that convenience also carries the risk of seizing opportunities. There are small seeds of doubt that shine amidst inconvenience, and ideas that bloom from there, and new perspectives that are gained. In exchange for convenience, we are unconsciously losing something without even realizing it.

Similarly, in the context of fashion, convenient, comfortable, and comfortable clothes are being created all over the world one after another, and they are alleviating small stresses in our lives. On the one hand, convenient and comfortable clothes bridge the gap between our own skin and the world, creating a smooth connection between the two.On the other hand, convenient and comfortable clothes also give us the opportunity to feel, question, and think about what we feel when we wear something. I wonder if they are cutting down on it to some extent.

Is being smooth really the same as feeling good?

I think there's a sense of comfort in the rough texture and uneven texture.

This collection was created in search of fine, dynamic, mysterious, and unique textures that can be felt with the eyes and skin.