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Sashiko is a sewing technique that has been practiced in Japan since ancient times as a way to repair clothes and use them for a long time. The thickness of the fabric not only makes it durable, but also improves heat retention, and the beauty of this heavy material increases over time. The chambray bee was created with the image of sashiko in mind, and was designed to reduce the weight that is unique to sashiko fabrics, making it lighter to wear.

The base is a plain weave chambray fabric based on black chambray and serge material seen in vintage wear. The deep navy and black colors expressed with two-color thread are also inspired by European workwear. Add a sashiko texture to it using dobby weaving. As the nep of the blended silk threads emerge, the woven pattern that runs along the grid becomes blurred and ambiguous. Original fabrics that incorporate ULTERIOR's core values: not communicating things directly, adding a slight sense of discomfort, and a line of sight that closely observes and discovers hidden colors, patterns, materials, and expressions. It was finished.

Workwear that pursues functional beauty without seeking to dress up. By adding the essence of Japanese sashiko, which is the wisdom of using things for a long time, European and Japanese cultures are fused and a new beauty emerges.