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There are many categories and types of worker uniforms, such as jackets, trousers, denim, and shirts, but when you think of the knit category, the first thing that comes to mind is Gandhi knit. Originally created as work clothes for men working at sea, it is heavy and heavy because it is tightly woven with oil-rich threads, which is why it has protected people's lives in extremely cold regions. This spring knit was inspired by such uniforms.

Heavy knitted fabrics, which were essential from a usage standpoint, are no longer necessary for our daily lives in the city. I think clothes that are easy to wear and, in short, easy to wash, are more suited to their purpose. The ease of handling is similar to that of a cut-and-sew item, but in comparison, the lightness and sheerness of the knit fabric creates an elegant impression. The slab-like look comes from the use of recycled cotton.

A uniform is a special piece of clothing that has a beautiful purpose, so the purpose of the uniform is one that we must remember to think about when we wear or make uniforms. There should be. Its purposeful beauty is not necessarily unchanging. Isn't it a good thing that over time, it has been brushed up in modern times and changed to be different from the original?