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A vintage sweatshirt with an ecru print that I discovered when I was 15 years old. At the time, I had no knowledge of vintage clothing or clothing, and I didn't even know the value of the sweatshirt, but I was captivated by the sheer charm of the item and couldn't leave the place. I had a strong urge to get my hands on it, but I didn't have enough money, so I begged the owner of the sweatshirt to sell it somehow. The person's condition was to exchange the high-tech sneakers he was currently wearing. Although I was flinching at this unexpected turn of events, I was able to take off my sneakers on the spot and grab the sweatshirt instead. It wasn't until much later that I realized that this experience of bartering, which was the origin of my business, was the starting point for my current style of making clothes.

When I was a student, I spent my days learning about clothes and other things while spending time in small local select shops and second-hand clothing stores.As I was learning about clothes and other things, I felt that I was becoming more and more absorbed in what I liked, and when I once got my hands on sweatshirts. Continuing to rely on the overwhelming feeling of euphoria, by the time he realized it, he had chosen to make clothes as his vocation.

The fabric of my sweatshirts was torn, I repaired them myself, and even though they were stained, I still cherished them, but now I can no longer wear them, so I just keep them, but I don't know what their market value is. Regardless, I'm sure I'll never throw it away again. Due to this personal feeling, the fleece series that I have continued to produce since the brand's inception is the only item that I have never taken out of my collection. The faded colors, thinner fabrics, and softer textures that have grown over the years are all wonderful charms that have been created over the years, but the challenge we as a brand will continue to face is how to express this. Since we cannot go beyond our origins, how should we interpret, edit, and express those roots? I think brand identity can only exist there.