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Evaluations such as ``like'' and ``unlike'' may be received favorably or negatively. However, by sometimes breaking away from the framework of such "identity", I wanted to betray the expectations and image of the brand in a good way. Although the idea of ​​how to make them is the same as before, the check series has an experimental element that is different from the previous ones in terms of appearance and feel.

When I saw the pattern on a French shirt lined up in the vintage archives I collect, I couldn't help but feel that it had a French feel to it. And there is a faint American atmosphere. I sensed these contradictory elements and reflected them in the design.

The plaid fabric to be reproduced would not be interesting if it was simply reproduced using cotton plain weave, so I decided to try using a mesh texture. The wool mesh was completed after many trials and errors, such as ignoring the breathability, which is a characteristic of this material, and intentionally increasing the density, and adjusting the subtle unevenness to create a texture. A plaid pattern emerges that has an ambiguity, as if it is covered with a slight mist.

Even though it's a French shirt, there's something American about it.
Even though it's mesh, you can wear it even in winter.
It's ULTERIOR, but it doesn't look like ULTERIOR.
The plaid pattern, which appears to be locked away, seems to quietly convey these contradictory ways of thinking.