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Fabrics that rub, colors that fade, threads that fray. Why do we like the changes that occur when we wear clothes for a long time? This is probably because it reflects the time spent by the person wearing the clothes. The time you spend thinking about the stories that appear and disappear there creates a feeling of love.

However, it is difficult to feel the same way about the artificial "aging" that feels like time has been fast-forwarded. It feels like there is no point in presenting a concrete image or destination for something new that we are about to propose to the world. After all, shouldn't there be some margin for time to pass?

It's a color that falls somewhere between lemon yellow, bright yellow, nightingale, dark green, and khaki. A nameless color that looks like the original color has faded and faded. Through trial and error of various elements such as combinations of threads, combinations of materials, and weaving, I create the color I want. I want to express something new, something that is not just new, and something that does not just look old, without relying on direct processing as much as possible. I want the resulting colors to be newly released into the world, and then passed on to someone else, where they spend time with each other and change again.