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By combining threads of different colors and weaving them, stripes, checks, and various other complex patterns can be created. Color expression can sometimes induce optical illusions, creating a three-dimensional effect that does not originally exist in flat paintings or fabrics. The power of color skillfully manipulates and attracts the senses and eyes of those who receive it.

What would happen if we actually expressed a three-dimensional pattern instead of relying solely on the power of color? Rather than the visually pleasing color expressions and woven patterns created by comfortable, smooth flat fabrics, the three-dimensional stripes and checks are created by changes in the texture of the weave. It should give the wearer a literal sense of touch. However, the resulting tactile sensation cannot be conveyed even when photographed and displayed on a screen. Even though you can see it, you can't really feel it.
I believe that small experiments carried out in the small but cosmic world of fabric can bring even the slightest change in perspective, new experiences, and discoveries.