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New things change over time and create unique expressions. As a result, the value of something new often increases more than when it was new. It is a strange thing that as time progresses, things become used and worn out, and their value increases over time as they deteriorate or weather.

Faced with a faded sweatshirt, he can no longer remember what color it originally was. I can't even measure how much time has passed. The only thing that makes sense is the fact that the sweatshirt's color has faded. The extent to which the color has faded can only be recreated in the world of imagination.

The heather gray dyed thread is deliberately exposed to express the passage of time. Sweatshirts made with this fabric look like they have been around for several years, even though they are brand new. However, it is by no means old, it is a new piece of clothing. From this point on, the sweatshirt takes on a new look over time, due to the habits of each wearer, repeated washing, and the stains and dirt that remain that cannot be wiped away.

Is this point new or old? Is the scenery I see ahead of me new or old?
Are you moving forward or going back?
I like this mysterious feeling, as it overturns the concept of time, which we thought goes in one direction.