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Just as there are chefs who can create dishes that make people smile without using the highest quality ingredients, there are also craftsmen who can create dough that captivates people without using the highest quality ingredients. The imperfect yet complete charm of the fabric, which is by no means a thoroughbred with a pedigree, is supported by the quality of the weave, and the unique texture created by the quality of the weave is created by the loom and the people who operate it. It is no exaggeration to say that it is in the hands of craftsmen.

Machines that have been used with care since the distant past undergo repeated maintenance, parts are transplanted from other machines, and continue to operate slowly as time ticks by. The machines are literally operated by human hands. Craftsmen with skills pass on their skills to other craftsmen so that they can continue to pass on their skills. The forces of both humans and machines are united, and the time that continues from the past is still being protected. We must never forget that it is only through connection that we can see what we can see, the materials we can express, and the future that is now.

The fabric is used in items that seek universality, as something that can be connected to the past and to the future.

A balance of tough and washable materials that you can wear every day.

The balance of texture changes as you wear it repeatedly.

The balance of the design is unaffected by the trends of the times and blends into any style while making a subtle statement.

I wanted to focus on the light that lurks beneath what appears to be nothing at first glance.

As if fighting against a world that only pursues efficiency, I believe that by connecting the things that are created from repeated, time-consuming, and inefficient tasks, we can achieve something.