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The modified herringbone-like woven pattern derived from the wickerwork ceiling of the tea room is one of the fabrics that has been repeatedly tweaked and updated since the second season. This season's tweed is sweetly woven from threads of twisted wool and silk spun using a mule spinning machine. Contrary to its heavy appearance, it has a lightness and soft touch.

Like Shetland wool tweed fabric, fabrics are full of surprises that betray their appearance, and this betrayal throws a wrench in our behavior, which tends to make unconscious and intuitive choices when looking at or wearing something. I think it will be something that will help you. Being intuitive also means being able to respond honestly and without conflict to one's own sensibilities and values. While this has some positive aspects, it can also hinder our understanding of things.

Author Haruki Murakami once wrote, ``Information precedes mastication, sensation precedes recognition, and criticism precedes creation. (Omitted) What can we call this, other than calling it cultural exhaustion? "*It has said.

To question and think about what is right in front of you. Don't just accept the information you receive in advance; instead, take what is presented in front of you to the bottom of your heart. Wearing clothes is an act that includes these things, and all acts that include these are probably what the word fashion represents.

*Soon to be a sad foreign language (Kodansha)