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the color of the soil. Bark color. Color of branches and leaves.
In a deep forest devoid of color, what is the color that gives off the dull red that is illuminated by the moonlight?

Opaque air in the fog.
The scent of the forest, the smell of earth.
Why are we fascinated by the depths of soil?

``For us humans, ``soil'' is a more mysterious existence than ``water.'' There is much more we don't understand about the deep ocean than about the surface of the moon, but research into the deep underground is even slower. Of course, many living things have been discovered and surprising facts have come to light, but these are just a few of the many mysteries hidden underground. When looking at the total biomass of a forest, half is contained below the ground. Most creatures that live underground are too large for the human eye to see. I guess it's because we can't see them that we don't care about them. ”

“There are more lives in a handful of forest soil than all the people on earth. Just one teaspoon of soil can contain over a kilometer of mycelium. All these organisms interact to create the soil that is essential for trees. ”

*The unknown life of trees - Peter Wohlleben