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The beautiful appearance and atmosphere of cashmere. Lightness. A warmth that wraps you up.
He has always loved cashmere sweaters.

I have made cashmere sweaters several times in the past, but I decided to try making a cashmere sweater that was more typical of ULTERIOR. This sweater was born. In order to aim for maximum comfort and lightness, and to bring out the maximum appeal of the materials, it is preferable to keep the design simple. However, simple simplicity is not enough.

Design the atmosphere itself.

I myself felt that such work and thinking had to be involved.

The method we chose to make these sweaters is to use bulging cashmere threads, knit the knits several times larger than the finished size, and give each piece a special washing process by the hands of a single craftsman. and shrink it. This special method, which differs from simple fulling, results in a sweater that has a shrinkage rate that far exceeds what is normally thought of. So much so that even the thread used for linking has to be made from the same cashmere thread.

This process is done by hand, one by one, by craftsmen, which creates individual differences and makes it impossible to make exactly the same item. However, there is a texture that can only be achieved by doing so, and a lightness that can only be created by doing so.

While pursuing visual simplicity, we carefully do things that require time and effort.

This cashmere sweater was completed after many trials and errors.

Even if it's full of pilling, I want it to be a piece of clothing that people want to cherish and that they can build a special relationship with.

It's not "this is good enough", but something that makes you feel "this is good".

We aim to be like that.