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“When in doubt, choose based on the criteria of which one matches the 501®.”
These words from my boss at the time when I first entered the fashion world have remained in the back of my mind. There aren't many clothes that are presented as a starting point to go back to when in doubt, but when it comes to jeans, I'm sure everyone can picture something common in their minds. For this reason, even now that I am on the design side, the words and thoughts I used at that time continue to echo in my head, and are important indicators.

However, when it comes to the vintage jeans that he likes to wear, he notices that there are many models that are derived from the vintage jeans and are considered to be in the minority. The fact that I find myself drawn to such things even when I go to vintage shops may be due to my own evil side.

Try changing the way you choose your size. Don't just look at damage as a negative, value it, and take what you think is good based on your own intuition and interpretation.

Because it is a universal item, it is fun to approach it flexibly based on your own sensibilities and values, without being influenced by vintage age or rarity information or value. Sometimes the clothes you choose will look completely different from what you've seen before, and even the same clothes may start to look different.

what are you wearing


How do you wear it and how do you want to wear it?

That's why fashion is so fun.
Jeans are the origin of jeans that make you realize something so primitive and essential. I wanted to make jeans like that.