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I found an interesting knitted fabric that is based on the Milano rib structure, which is said to be close to cloth among knitted fabrics, but that deviates from the basics. That's where the idea for knits to wear in spring and summer began.

The finished product is far from being a cloth, and instead has a loose, jumbled knitted fabric. This goes well beyond the scope of deviating from the basics and may even be evil. But wouldn't a completely different value be created from this? I felt it intuitively and believed that faint feeling. It reaffirms that this is a perspective that I always consider important when creating things.

For example, by simply knitting a little loosely, changing the threads, or changing the combination, you can move away from the basics. The borders that run like shadows seem to show us the fun of knitting, which is not simple. And precisely because of this knitted fabric, it has created a new knit category that can be comfortably worn during the spring and summer seasons.

Light and shadow are two sides of the same coin.

When you look into the shadows beyond the light, a new form that you couldn't see emerges doesn't just happen in the manufacturing process, but it's the fun that lurks in every moment of everyday life.